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Pioneering Innovation at +WOO

+WOO, one of our flagship malls, located in Tin Shui Wai, has been undergoing asset enhancement initiatives in various phases since 2018. With an expanding catchment area, +WOO has been designed to serve the community, including enhancing the functionality, safety and environmental considerations of the mall. To elevate the shopping experience, +WOO Phase 2 has been revitalized with an enhanced layout and inclusive facilities as well as interactive digital touches and recreational elements, making it a desirable destination for shoppers of all ages.

+WOO Playground

Spanning a large area of 6,000 sq.ft. and located on the open area on the second floor of +WOO Phase 2, +WOO Playground brings boundless delights for our young shoppers. With seven sets of playground equipment offered, there is plenty of shared space for our young shoppers to explore.

Children can test their balancing skills on the balancing beam, transform into pirates with their imaginary play, bond with new friends on the swing, spin to their hearts content on the merry-go-round, crawl through tunnels and slide down from the playground equipment. Decorated with our resident +WOO mascots, Woolu and Woola, +WOO Playground is an inviting and safe environment for our young shoppers and their parents.

With padded floors, shade cover for sunny days and a baby care room nearby, +WOO Playground has been thoughtfully designed by our team for the whole community to enjoy.

Interactive Wall

For those who prefer indoor games, +WOO has you covered as well. Located on the second floor of +WOO Phase 2, the interactive wall game with motion sensors tests your hand-eye coordination and speed.

Green wall

A green wall has also been added as part of the AEIs at +WOO. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the green wall serves to add greenery to the indoors, purify the indoor air and create a comfortable ambience for our shoppers.

Well - Urban Spring

Fortune Malls partnered with Urban Spring to provide high quality filtered water to our shoppers free of charge. Water dispensers have been installed at +WOO to reduce the usage of single-use plastic bottles, and to encourage the Bring-Your-Own-Bottle refill culture.

EV chargers

With the popularity of electrical vehicles (“EV”) on the rise and to reap the associated environmental benefits, six EV charger bays have been installed in the carpark of +WOO Phase 2. The EV chargers were installed in response to the increasing number of EVs on the road due to the HKSAR Government’s policy of encouraging the replacement of more polluting traditional commercial vehicles with EVs.

Smart toilet

Going to the toilet in a shopping mall should be a stress-free exercise, but more often than not, long queues snake from the toilet to the adjoining corridors. In order to optimize the shopping experience at +WOO, smart toilets have been installed as part of the AEIs at +WOO, along with smart dispensers for soap, toilet rolls and paper towels. With occupancy information displayed at the toilet entrance, shoppers can now determine the occupancy of the closest toilet in real time, as well as the occupancy of other toilets within +WOO. These thoughtful touches elevate the shopping experience of our shoppers; a testament to our customer-centric philosophy.

Cleaning is traditionally a labour intensive task, but the introduction of smart cleaning technology can help overcome this hurdle. The smart toilet solution allows for cleaning-on-demand, which not only improves hygiene standards for shoppers, but also reduces manpower costs and waste. Further air quality and occupancy data will be sent to the site management team in real time so that the cleanliness and status of the toilet can be monitored remotely.

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