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Cultivating a Greener Tomorrow — Farm@Fortune

As part of Fortune REIT’s on-going efforts to raise the public’s awareness of decarbonisation and to generate long-term value for its stakeholders, Farm@Fortune was unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2021 on the rooftop of Fortune City One. In partnership with Rooftop Republic, the urban farm creates a new and vibrant place for the community to gather and to enjoy urban nature, fresh produce, and spend time with their friends and family, whilst providing Fortune REIT with a platform to promote organic farming, food waste reduction and community engagement.

The benefits of urban farm can be categorised into four general areas: economic, environmental, social and health. Farm@Fortune is a green community project that creates local employment for farmers, promotes sustainable living practices in the community, environmental awareness, circular economy, social inclusion, green spaces and improved wellbeing; truly an integrated social value chain which reaps rewards!

To create an organic farming eco-system within the community, surplus vegetables that are no longer suitable for consumption are donated by our tenants from the Fortune City One Wet Market, routinely collected and converted into compost for the farm, reinforcing a zero-waste circular economy.

Spanning over 500 sq.ft., the rooftop at Fortune City One has been transformed into a thriving space after Farm@Fortune, attracting flourishing wildlife and creating an urban oasis. During the various community engagement and CSR events, seasonal organic produce was planted and knowledge about urban organic farming and planting techniques was shared by the experience farmers from Rooftop Republic. The urban farm grew more than 12 types of organic seasonal crops throughout the year.

The urban farm not only creates greenery in the community but also serves as a means for Fortune REIT to give back to the community through the donation of fresh organic produce.

Farm to Table Experience

Farm@Fortune was established in 2021 on the rooftop of Fortune City One with the aim to engage and empower communities to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as creating an organic farming ecosystem within the community.

A harvest of over 5kg was wrapped up at Farm@Fortune with a myriad of fresh produce. This included cherry radishes, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas and rosemary. These were shared with our food and beverage tenants at Fortune City One to bring an exquisite farm-to-table dining experience to our shoppers to promote a zero-waste circular economy.

Another harvest of over 5kg of fresh produce including sweet peas, cherry tomatoes and rosemary was harvested. All of which were shared with our food and beverage tenant at Fortune City One to produce meals for our shoppers.

Educating Employees about Low Carbon Diet

Rooftop Republic hosted a workshop to educate our employees about the food system in HK. Our employees learnt that buying local produce and eating a plant-based diet can benefit the environment as low carbon alternatives. The session ended with our employees making their own colourful vegetarian rice paper rolls and dipping sauces.

Urban Farm Experience

With summer setting in, a group of children from a local kindergarten were invited to take part in the urban farm education tour. As part of the urban farm education tour, Rooftop Republic was invited to conduct a Microgreen Planting Workshop to the children, passing on the concept of green living to the next generation and sowing seeds for the next generation of green thumbs! The children were excited to get their hands dirty and were given a pot of microgreens to practise at home.

Kitchen Herb Workshop

Children and parents gathered to learn to grow delicious and organic herbs at this workshop. They got hands-on experience on how to sow three types of herb seeds or cuttings, and guidance from a Rooftop Republic urban farming expert on how to grow and care for these common herbs throughout the year. A video of favourite recipe using those herbs was also shown.

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