Arrangement of Electronic Dissemination of Corporate Communications

Pursuant to Rule 2.07A of the Rules Governing The Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under the expansion of paperless listing regime and electronic dissemination of corporate communications that came into effect on 31 December 2023, Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust (‘‘Fortune REIT’’) has adopted electronic dissemination of and will make available corporate communications (the “Corporate Communications” which mean any documents issued or to be issued by Fortune REIT for the information or action of holders of any of its securities, including but not limited to annual report, interim report, notice of meeting, listing document, circular and proxy form), on the website of Fortune REIT at and the HKEXnews website at

If Registered Unitholders wish to receive the Corporate Communications in printed form, please submit a request to the Unit Registrar or send an email to specifying the name, address and request to receive the Corporate Communications in printed form.

Please note that such instruction shall be valid for one year starting from the receipt date of the Unitholders’ instruction and will expire thereafter.

If Non-registered Unitholders wish to receive the Corporate Communications in printed form, please liaise with your bank(s), broker(s), custodian(s), nominee(s) or HKSCC Nominees Limited through which your units are held (collectively, the “Intermediaries”) and provide your email address to your Intermediaries.

Unitholders Communication Policy

At Fortune REIT, a strong culture of proactive timely and clear communication with the investment community comprising Unitholders, potential retail and institutional investors, analysts and media journalists is upheld.

The Unitholder Communication Policy is available on Fortune REIT’s website. The policy requires timely and full disclosure all material information relating to Fortune REIT, and outlines the channels and steps taken by Fortune REIT to solicit and understand the views of the investment community.

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